Time For Outdoor Fitness!

by Brian Low
Time For Outdoor Fitness!

Spring is time for outdoor fitness

Finally, spring is here! It’s time for outdoor fitness. When the snow melts, the temperature rises above freezing, the days are longer, and everything slowly turns green, it is time to leave the treadmill inside and exercise in the open air.

Outdoor fitness has many benefits and is better than jogging on a treadmill or Nordic walking. Fitness in nature becomes more common and the opportunities for outdoor exercise increases. “Fitness Bootcamps” are currently growing in popularity, usually taking place in small groups in natural settings and use what nature provides, such as tree trunks, rocks, hills, as well as man-made structures such as stairs and benches. Anyone, whether young or old, in shape or not, is able to train according to their own capacity because the exercises are adapted to each individual.

If you want to train in all weather conditions, a good balance between in- and outdoor training works best. As the American Council on Exercise Chief Medical Officer Cedric Bryant states it, "There are some very real psychological and physiological benefits to having your workout routine balanced between indoor and outdoor areas." Switching between exercising indoors and outdoors increases the likelihood that you will adhere to your exercise program longer which brings added benefits.


One of the greatest advantages of an indoor workout is the convenience--you can train at any time of day, even in bad weather, with a wide selection of fitness equipment for a varied and total workout.

But outdoor exercise also has many advantages: the fresh air is good, stimulating the immune system. Additionally, we replenish vitamin D from being in the sun, benefiting bones and muscles as well.

Most outdoor activities put a strain on the body in a different way than in indoor fitness training--whether it's jogging, hiking, or inline skating. Exercises on uneven ground, for example, have the advantage of improving bone density and strengthening balancing muscles for increased stability. The uneven outdoor terrain forces muscles to continually make adjustments, which strengthens the core. Muscles throughout the body will also be better trained.


Have you ever heard of artificially generated negative air ions? Studies show that air ions actually improve both seasonal and non-seasonal depression. You probably already know that they occur naturally outdoors. When out in nature, especially in the mountains or after a storm, you improve your chances of absorbing these mood-enhancing ions. 

Social Life

The best thing about outdoor workouts is it’s easier to motivate friends to join you in sports. Maybe join a group or just take your favorite four-legged friend.

Lift weights in the gym today, but tomorrow go out! Balancing indoor and outdoor activities offers great benefits for your physical and mental well-being. The combination can help you be more physically fit and find more fulfillment in life!

by Brian Low


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