We’re glad that your interest has lead you here. We debated about what is most important for you to know--should we tout our products’ quality or the importance we place on you as a satisfied customer? Possibly. Both of these values are key in who we are and how we run the organization. Instead, we want to get a little more personal and take you back to our origins.

Who is behind bodyboost?

Bodyboost began as a close family business, with great employees, and is based in Frankfurt. Our growth has made it necessary to move soon but only a few miles away, after all, we want to continue working with our motivated and happy team, so moving far is out of the question. Our key personnel have worked in the sports and personal health industry for over 54 years combined. We are family-oriented and have a family-friendly work environment. If you visit our offices, it wouldn’t be unusual to hear someone calling out, “Mom is on the phone!”

What makes us different?

The origin of bodyboost lies in the passion for pure and natural products, therefore, we use to the extent possible, pure, natural ingredients and use the medicinal herbs of nature to make our dietary supplements.

As quality is a non-compromising point for us, we strive to provide our customers with the best of nature. Your well-being is our motivation.

Our goal is to help you to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle while listening to and synching with your body.

The bodyboost products

Our product range is widely diverse and continually expanding.

Our products can be consumed in many ways: capsules, tablets, liquids, and also our uniquely engineered twist and mix vial.

The bodyboost double chamber design is particularly interesting because it is unlike any other on market. The Two Chamber System™ allows you to freshly mix the supplements creating enzymes at peak potency.

Why the 2-chamber system?

The body absorbs vitamins and minerals in liquid form much faster than pills or tablets. It also absorbs much more of the ingredients while preserving the shelf-life of dry vitamins.



A little bit more about our values…

We have talked a lot about our background, purpose, incentive, and how we came to offer nutritional supplements. Bodyboost was established because our own personal needs became our incentive to create high quality, effective supplements. We take them ourselves and we feel the difference.

Our evolution is the reason for our values:



The good of Mother Nature - we value natural & pure ingredients from nature..



We want to offer high quality nutritional supplements, therefore, we do not use chemical fillers, additives, or genetically modified ingredients.  



At Bodyboost, we take social responsibility seriously. No one can exist without influencing the environment, either positively or negatively. We do our utmost to keep any potentially harmful impact to an absolute minimum. Conversely, we do our best, directly or indirectly, to have the greatest positive impact on the environment as possible.



Your trust is important to us. We take great care to keep our customers well informed and cared-for. If you have any questions, please contact us - we will do our best to help.



'Innovations are unique', said Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger so concisely. With our 2-chamber system, our team of researchers, lab technicians, and many dedicated hands have created something special because now vitamins and supplements can be taken as liquid--absorbing much faster than capsules or tablets—so you can mix them fresh, anywhere or anytime. We continue to develop new innovations to surprise you again and again.



The origin of Bodyboost is rooted in our passion for effective pure and natural products. Each of our dietary supplements is filled exclusively with natural ingredients scientifically researched to unlock the full potential of the body’s health, well-being, and performance.



'Everything I do today is important, I give it a whole day of my life for it.'  George Bernhard Shaw (1856-1950) – This quote actually says everything we could want. We are mindful of ourselves and our fellow human beings. That means responding to one's own needs, but also those of others, and keeping our minds alert and vibrant.


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Vitabaum® - Our Story

Until the age of 12, Christian was raised on a self-sufficient farm, which grew organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. His family was sustained throughout the winters by canning their food, never coming in contact with processed foods or fast food. At the time, it wasn’t so much of a life choice as a necessity.

After 12, Christian’s family moved to a place with little access to organic food, processed and fast foods became the new norm, even so they still had a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The family began to notice a huge change within their immune systems. Allergies developed that hadn’t been there before, such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, reactions to non-organic strawberries, tomato, seafood and shellfish.

Before this move, family members would have gotten the flu or cold once a year on average, but since the change in diet, family members were always getting sick, feeling lethargic, and having problems with digestion.

Christian began to see this problem more as he joined the social services as a paramedic. He said it was interesting to observe “life behind the curtain” and see the real struggles of the people he served. He observed many with unhealthy lifestyles, a lack of time for one another, a focus on affordability over nutrition and self-care, and a lack of concern with what is good for the body as well as the soul.

After the birth of his first child, who was born with many food intolerances and allergies, it really hit home. Christian said this moment began to change his whole thinking on the food industry. He became much more aware of what he bought and how it was originally sourced, scanning shelves for the true nutritional value behind the products of large manufacturers. It became his mission to develop a plan for well-rounded health and wellness for his family, to improve the quality of their lives. He hopes to continue sharing this knowledge with all, educating people on the benefits of true raw ingredients.

Christian studied business and law and has been in the health industry, as well as being environmentally-conscious, for the last 17 years. His aim is to bring clean, honest nutrition through mother nature’s unadulterated ingredients through his company Vitabaum®.   

His sights are not set on being the biggest company, but with a more important cause, to improve the health of all and protect consumers from the problems of mass production. His company serves to be environmentally friendly and is making every possible effort to go green.

Those of us who work at Vitabaum® are continually amazed with Christian’s passion for health, the quality of his ingredients, and his drive to benefit others.

He is of honest character and takes serious hold of his beliefs. It is in his heart to partner with you on your health journey and enhance your life..